Paul Bley - Copenhagen and Haarlem / Touching (Freedom/Black Lion)

Demonoid FLAC (contains 1965 performance, 1966 performance is still missing)
Sides A and B were recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 5, 1965. Sides C and D were recorded in Haarlem, Holland on November 4, 1966.  This out-of-print double LP from Arista's Freedom series features Paul Bley with his trios (either Kent Carter or Mark Levenson on bass along with drummer Barry Altschul) at two different sessions recorded in Scandinavia during 1965-66. Cut during a time when Bley's style was becoming progressively freer, the improvisations (on melodies by BleyCarla Bleyand Annette Peacock) are pretty loose and abstract but perfectly coherent. As has been stated elsewhere, Bley's groups were a logical extension of the Bill Evans Trio, venturing into freer areas than Evans ever chose to travel.


Anonymous said...

With the exception of the track "Mister Joy", all of material on this double LP was reissued on the Black Lion CD "Touching".

tim time said...

"Mister Joy", and "Blood" is also missing. The 1966 performance.

Volando Voy said...

please repost..! thank.. thanks for the music..!