Record Label: India Navigation Jazz Discography

1024 Alan Braufman - Valley Of Search [1975]
1026 David Murray - Flowers for Albert: The Complete Concert [1976]
1036 Anthony Davis - Songs For The Old World [1978]
1037 James Newton Paseo Del Mar [1978]
1040 Jay Hoggard - A Solo Vibes Concert [1978]
1046 James Newton - The Mystery School [1979]
1047 Anthony Davis- Lady Of The Mirrors [1980]
1050 Bob Neloms- Pretty Music [1981]
1051 James Newton - Portraits [1982]
1055 Dennis Moorman - Circle Of Destiny
1056 Anthony Davis - Variations In Dream-Time [1982]
1057 Air - Air Song [1975]
1064 Air - Air Raid [1976]
1065 Alvin Batiste Musique d'Afrique Nouvelle Orléans [1985]
1066 Big Nick Nicholas - Big Nick [1985]
1068 Jay Hoggard - Riverside Dance [1985]
1069 Alvin Batiste - Bayou Magic [1988]
3027 Phill Niblock and Joseph Celli Niblock - Celli Plays Niblock [1984]


Anonymous said...

Over the course of the past day, the Google-owned blogging service Blogger has shut down a number of popular mp3 blogs, including Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, I Rock Cleveland, LivingEars, and It's a Rap.


Reza said...

There were dl links for every album but the owner has now removed them as discog was complete

Craig Nixon said...

Chico Freeman - Chico flac, NMR


Craig Nixon said...

Chico & Von Freeman - Freeman & Freeman


Sybylys said...

Brilliant Craig, Thank You!

Craig Nixon said...

1039 Hamiet Bluiett S.O.S.- We Have Come To Save You From Yourselves [1977]

This is the expanded CD version released as Im/possible To Keep. Not my rip, but cleaned up the tags, which were a mess. Track 1 here was originally SOS.



Craig Nixon said...

Chet Baker & Lee Konitz - In Concert


Craig Nixon said...

Chico Freeman - The Search

Anonymous said...

flac for the james newtons, anyone? thanks

Anonymous said...

Can anyone fill in any of the gaps in this India Nav discog?