Woody Shaw with Anthony Braxton - The Iron Men (1977)

Woody Shaw - flugelhorn, trumpet
Anthony Braxton - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, clarinet
Arthur Blythe - alto saxofone
Muhal Richard Abrams - piano
Cecil McBee - bass
Joe Chambers - drums
Victor Lewis - drums


Slidewell said...

Thanks for uploading this! Nice blend of inside/outside. However, track 1 is corrupt. I tried to download twice and same results. Track 1 can be played for about 3 or 4 min.s, then fails. I do appreciate all the great music here! thanks!

pj said...

Wow I want that!
Thanks a lot.

. said...

Yes sorry track 1 partially corrupt. Use Unrarx and you can get the rest of the tracks.

Sergio said...

Hi! For those who haven't unrarx or just lazy - here's work link without problems: