Bob Thiele's Red Baron Records Discography Jazz Label MP3 LAME

Here are 8 albums released on Bob Thiele's Red Baron label. 

3 of these are by the "Bob Thiele Collective":
1990: Sunrise Sunet (David Murray, John Hicks, Cecil McBee, Andrew Cyrille)
1991: Louis Satcho (Joshua Redman, Red Rodney, Kenny Barron, Santi Debriano, Grady Tate)
1993: Lion Hearted (Gary Bartz, Ravi Coltrane, Steve Marcus, Ray Anderson, Ray Drummond, Roy Hargrove, Kenny Barron, Grady Tate)

Also includes:
Duke Ellington - My People •John Hicks - Lover Man: A Tribute To Billy Holiday
Steve Marcus and 2o1 • McCoy Tyner - 44th Street Suite
David Murray - Black & Black

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