Albert Ayler Jazz Saxophone Discography MP3 FLAC

The First Recordings Vol. 1Bird Notes
1962The First Recordings Vol. 2Bird Notes
1963My Name is Albert AylerBlack Lion
1964Witches and DevilsFreedom
1964Goin' HomeBlack Lion
1964Albert Smiles With SunnyInrespect
1964Spiritual UnityESP
1964New York Eye And Ear ControlESP
1964Albert AylerPhilologyLive
1964The Copenhagen TapesAyler
1964The Hilversum SessionDIW Records
1965Stockholm, Berlin 1966
1965Spirits RejoiceESP
1965Sonny's Time NowJihad
1966At Slug's SaloonESPLive
1966Lörrach / Parishat HUTLive
1966In Greenwich VillageImpulse!Live
1967Love CryImpulse!Studio
1968New GrassImpulse!Studio
1969Music Is the Healing Force of the UniverseImpulse!Studio
1969The Last AlbumImpulse!Studio
1970Nuits de la Fondation Maeght Shandar

2004Holy Ghost: 1962-709CD
2006The Complete ESP-Disk RecordingsESP

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