Xanadu Records Discography Rapidshare

101Allyn, DavidDon't Look Back
102Powell, BudBud In Paris
103Noto, SamEntrance!
104Chambers, Paul/Hampton HawesThe East/West Controversy
105Criss, SonnySaturday Morning
106Hines, Earl + Roy EldridgeAt The Village Vanguard
107Guy, Joe + Hot Lips PageTrumpet Battle At Minton's
108Pepper, ArtEarly Show, The
109Farlow, TalFuerst Set
110Cohn, AlPlay It Now
111Hawkins, ColemanThanks For The Memory
112Guy, Joe  Billie Holiday Harlem Odyssey
113Harris, BarryPlays Tadd Dameron
114Bishop, Walter Jr.Bish Bash
115McPherson, CharlesBeautiful!
116Raney, JimmyInfluence, The
117Pepper, ArtLate Show, The
118Heath, JimmyPicture Of Heath
119Farlow, TalSecond Set
120Various ArtistsBebop Revisited 1
121Clark, SonnyMemorial Album
122Various ArtistsInternational Jam Sessions
123Various ArtistsSweets, Lips + Lots Of Jazz
124Various ArtistsBebop Revisited 2
125Dorham, KennyMemorial Album 1960
126Monterose, J.R.Straight Ahead
127Noto, SamAct One
128Tucker, MickeyTriplicity
129Jones, SamCello Again
130Harris, BarryLive In Tokyo 4/12,14/76
131McPherson, CharlesLive In Tokyo
132Raney, JimmyLive In Tokyo 1976
133Most, SamMostly Flute
134Edwards, TeddyInimitable Teddy Edwards, The
135Cuber, RonnieCuber Libre!
136Cohn, Al +Dexter GordonTrue Blue
137Cohn, Al +Dexter GordonSilver Blue
138Cohn, AlAl Cohn's America
139Coker, DoloDolo
140Raney, JimmySolo
141Most, SamFlute Flight
142Coker, DoloCalifornia Hard
143Tucker, MickeySojourn
144Noto, SamNotes To You
145Cohn, Al + Jimmy Rowles Heavy Love
146Gray, WardellLive In Hollywood
147Coleman, EarlSong For You, A
148Pepper, Art + Shorty RogersPopo
149McPherson, CharlesNew Horizons
150Jones, SamChanges And Things
151Marsh, WarneLive In Hollywood
152Butler, FrankStepper, The
153Coker, DoloThird Down
154Harris, BarryPlays Barry Harris
155Dunbar, TedOpening Remarks
156Cuber, RonnieEleventh Day Of Aquarius, The
157Rowles, JimmyWe Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together
158Mitchell, BillyColossus Of Detroit, The
159Berg, BobNew Birth
160Most, SamFrom The Attic Of My Mind
161Hawes, HamptonMemorial Album
162Various ArtistsXanadu At Montreux '78 1
163Various ArtistsXanadu At Montreux '78 2
164Various ArtistsXanadu At Montreux '78 3
165Various ArtistsXanadu At Montreux '78 4
166Drew, KennyHome Is Where The Soul Is
167Drew, KennyFor Sure!
168Noto, SamNoto-riety
169Butler, FrankWheelin' And Dealin'
170McPherson, CharlesFree Bop!
171Various ArtistsPiano Players, The
172Fruscella, TonyBebop Revisited 3
173Most, Sam/Joe Farrell Flute Talk
174Farrell, JoeSkateboard Park
175Coleman, EarlThere's Something About An Old Love
176Sprague, PeterDance Of The Universe
177Harris, BarryTokyo 1976 4/1,12,14/76
178Coker, DoloAll Alone
179Cohn, AlNo Problem
180Xanadu All-StarsXanadu In Africa
181Dunbar, TedSecundum Artem
182Mitchell, BillyDe Lawd's Blues
183Sprague, PeterPath, The
184Sprague, PeterBird Raga
185Mitchell, BlueNight Flight To Dakar
186Eldridge, RoyAt Jerry Newman's
187Mover, BobIn The True Tradition
188Barron, KennyAt The Piano
189Hawkins, ColemanDutch Treat
190Auld, GeorgieHomage
191Harris, BillMemorial Album
192Russell, Pee WeeOver The Rainbow
193Sprague, PeterMessage Sent On The Wind, The
194Mover, BobThings Unseen!
195Hawkins, ColemanJazz Tones
196Dunbar, TedJazz Guitarist
197Green, Bennie/James Moody Bebop Revisited 4
198Kelly, WyntonBlues On Purpose
199Norvo, RedTime In His Hands
200Criss, SonnyMemorial Album
201Various ArtistsAnniversary
202Monk, TheloniousLive At The Village Gate
203Hines, Earl57 Varieties
204Thompson, LuckyBrown Rose
205Various ArtistsBebop Revisited 5
206Haig, AlLive In Hollywood
207Eckstine, BillyI Want To Talk About You
208Various ArtistsBebop Revisited 6
209Raney, Jimmy + Sonny ClarkTogether
210Gibbs, TerryBopstacle Course
213Harris, BarryBird Of Red And Gold, The

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