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Music of the World (wikipedia) was an American record label specializing in the authentic indigenous musics of the world. Nomad and Latitudes were imprint labels. Timeless, ethereal music of every kind.

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Ensembles from many villages sing and play a variety of drums and percussion instruments. (MOW117)

Kora music from Gambia (LAT 50611)

Songs and fables from Zimbabwe, by Ephat Mujuru (LAT 50616)

A comprehensive collection of music from Uganda (MOW 142)

Landmark mbira recording of two of the tradition's greatest masters (MOW 136)

Moroccan Gnawa trance music (MOW 135)

Ethiopian vocals and krar (strings). (MOW 107)

Kora and vocals from Gambia. (MOW 129)

A classic recording of mbira and marimba music. (MOW 208)

Modern African tunes. (MOW 210)

Comeback recording from the father of Juju. (MOW 212)

African sampler from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Senegal. (MOW 119)

Folk music from Uganda. (MOW 119)

Javanese gamelan and vocal music. (MOW 116)

This recording features eight pieces for solo shukuhachi (Japanese flute). (MOW 124)

Japanese Shakuhachi music by American master. (MOW 153)

Cambodian court music, instrumental & vocal. (MOW 140)

Khmer music from Cambodia. (LAT 50609)

Playful melodies from the Laotian folk tradition. (LAT 50601)

Solo dan tranh, Vietnamese zither. (LAT 50612)

Vietnamese folk songs featuring strings, percussion & vocals. (LAT50607)

From the folk tradition of Transylvania. (MOW 144)

Festive rhythms & melodies from the gypsies of the Danube plain. (MOW 137)

Music from Brittany with piper Paddy Keenan. (LAT 50606)

Tenores de Oniferi - Tenores de Oniferi
Polyphonic Singing from Sardinia. (MOW 152)

Folk ensemble from Bulgaria. (LAT 50613)

Solo North Indian tabla, with sarangi and santur accompaniment. (MOW 143)

Outstanding percussion with vina and voice accompaniment (MOW145)

North Indian flute and tabla. (LAT 50610)

Light ragas and folk tunes on sitar & surbahar, with flute & tabla. (MOW108)

Classical dhrupad singing from the masters of the tradition. (MOW114)

Incredible South Indian drumming featuring murgudam & kanura. (MOW 120)

Hindustani music sampler. (MOW 121)

Classican North Indian sitar and tabla. (MOW 123)

Acclaimed South Indian group. (MOW 125)

Vina and mrdangam. Award winner. (MOW 127)

Masterful South Indian violin and drums, featuring L. Shankar, Zakir Hussein & Viku Vinayakram. Grammy nominee. (MOW 131)

Classical Indian santur and shenai. with tabla accompaniment. (MOW 132)

Classical Indian santur and tabla. (MOW 139)

North Indian ragas & folk music played on electric mandolin. (LAT 50605)

Indian ragas on flute. (LAT 50604)

South Indian bamboo flute & percussion ensemble. (MOW 141)

Sampler of fine Hindustani & Carnatic music. (LAT 50702)

Recordings of Quechua & traditional music of Aymara. (MOW 106)

Authentic rhythms form the pampas and mountains of Argentina. (MOW 112)

Traditional songs and melodies of Mexico & Colombia. (MOW113)

Compilation from South America, Mexico & the Caribbean.(MOW207)

Strings & flutes from Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador (LAT 50615)

Peruvian folk songs performed by native musicians. (MOW 105)

Festival music from Peru. (MOW 109)

Modern Brazilian tunes. (MOW 211)

Intoxicating bomba & plena rhythms, and passionate jibaro (country folk) melodies.
(LAT 50608)

A variety of traditional Andean music, including songs from Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. (LAT 50701)

Traditional vocals and saz (lute). (MOW 115)

Strings and voice; award winner. (MOW 122)

Traditional Turkish ensemble, with classical Makam & Sufi melodies. (MOW 128)

Traditional Persian strings and vocals. (MOW 134)

Folk music played on strings & percussion (LAT50602)

An outstanding recording of traditional & folk music of Iran, Played on Setar & percussion. (MOW 155)

Southwest Indian songs and drumming. An award winner. (MOW 126)

Plains Indian flute and chants. An award winner. (MOW 130)

Southwest Pueblo Indian songs. (MOW 133)

Classic Cajun sounds from BeauSoleil. An award winner. (MOW 213)

Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Canray Fontenot, Bois Sec Ardoin., with special guest Michael Doucet .Sixteen tunes by some of the masters of the tradition. (MOW138)

Traditional music from the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni & others. (MOW 154)

Featuring tabla meets world music & jazz. (NMD 50315)

Masterful frame drums and percussion. (NMD 50307)

The classic solo recording of this frame drum virtuoso. (NMD 50301)

African and Indian-inspired jazz. A world music classic, digitally remastered (NMD 50303)

World & jazz-inspired piano stylings. (NMD 50305)

World-influenced jazz in a framework of acoustic bass. (NMD 50306)

Sicilian and Middle East folk- jazz. (NMD 50309)

Amazing Bulgarian a capella group who sing in an unmistakable jazz style. (NMD 50310)

Intriguing melodies and bold rhythms with jazz and folk influence. (NMD 50311)

Special Editions & Box Sets
A "Vox" set showcases vocal talent from around the world in three volumes. (MOW149)

Compilation of sacred & spritual music. Award Winner (MOW 151)

2 CD box set of drumming from North & South India. (MOW 150)

An outstanding recording of world-jazz-influenced Christmas tunes.

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