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Like Baystate, East Wind is a Jazz record label from Japan which release some exemplary material during the 1970s.  Also like Baystate, many of the albums have been reissued on extremely rare and expensive CDs, to replace the extremely rare and expensive LPs.  
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8015Air PocketFly On75
8023Al HaigChelsea Bridge75
8052Al HaigDuke 'n' Bird76
8029Andrew HillBlue Black75
8032Andrew HillNefertiti76
8017Andrew HillHommage75
8007Ann BurtonBy Myself Alone74
8025Art FarmerYesterday's Thoughts75
8012Art FarmerTo Duke With Love75
8047Art FarmerThe Summer Knows76
8042Art FarmerAt Boomers76
8009Cedar WaltonPit Inn74
10002Cedar WaltonThe Pentagon76
8019David FriedmanWinter Love, April Joy75
7002Dollar BrandAfrican Breeze74
8026Don FriedmanHope For Tomorrow75
8021Hank JonesHanky Panky75
8054Hubert Eaves IIIEsoteric Funk76
8044Isao SuzukiHip Dancin'76
8034Joe Lee WilsonHey Look At You69
101Joe Sample/Ray Brown/Shelly ManneThe Three75
8036Junior ManceHoly Mama76
8031Kohsuke MineSolid75
7003Kohsuke MineOut Of Chaos74
8038Kohsuke MineSunshower76
8061L.A. FourGoing Home77
8060L.A. FourPavane pour une infante défunte76

8063Laurindo AlmeidaConcierto de Aranjuez78
8040Lennie TristanoDescent Into The Maelstrom
8001Masabumi KikuchiEast Wind74
8043Masabumi KikuchiWishes / Kochi76
8006Masahiko TogashiSong For Myself74
8013Masahiko TogashiSpiritual Nature75
7004Mikio MasudaTrace74
8039Mikio MasudaMickey's Mouth76
8014Oliver NelsonStolen Moments75
8030Reggie LucasSurvival Themes75
8018Ronnie MathewsTrip To The Orient75
8027Ryo KawasakiPrism75
8035Ryo KawasakiEight Mile Road76
8022Sadao WatanabePamoja75
8048Sadao WatanabeRecital76
8037Sadao WatanabeI'm Old Fashioned76
7010Sam JonesSeven Minds74
8051Sam MorrisonDune76
8024Sheila JordanConfirmation75
8028Shunzo OhnoBubbles75
7011Shunzo OhnoSomething's Coming75
7005Takehiro HondaSalaam Salaam74
7008Terumasa HinoSpeak To Loneliness75
8016Terumasa HinoLive In Concert75
8041Terumasa HinoHogiuta76
8065Terumasa HinoLive In Nemuro: Wheelstone
8046The Great Jazz TrioLove For Sale76
8056The Great Jazz TrioKindness, Joy, Love and Happiness77
8053The Great Jazz TrioAt The Village Vanguard Vol 177
8055The Great Jazz TrioAt The Village Vanguard Vol 277
8064The Great Jazz TrioThe Great Tokyo Meeting
8062The Great Jazz TrioMilestones78
10005The Great Jazz TrioDirect From L.A.77
8057The Great Jazz TrioNew Wine, Old Bottles78
8033Tsuyoshi YamamotoDaahoud75
8045Tsuyoshi YamamotoLife76
8050Walter Bishop, Jr.Old Folks76
8020Yoshiaki Masuo111 Sullivan Street75


big band ontario said...

A nice blog list for quality jazz music, thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a link of Hubert Eaves - esoteric funk don't work
thank you

Steve 65 Mercury said...

What an amazing place you have here! Sadly, I'm arriving and a lot of the links were on the now defunct rapidshare..would there be any chance you would possibly re-up kohsuke mine - sunflower. Worth a try! THanks for the blog, either way

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking for Sunshower, a re-upload would be greatly appreciated!

Steve 65 Mercury said...

I had no pesponse from the site owner, but i found a copy..enjoy! http://www110.zippyshare.com/v/xdNLgJe4/file.html